Do You Know Toys That Evokes Gender Roles In Your Children?

The exams are round the corner and soon the children are going to see their favorite month series of the year— summer holidays! It’s a time when many families and vacation schools in Kolkata are seen browsing the best kids toys online, that could prove to be more than just a toy. But have you mulled over that what makes a good toy for a young child ? 

According to studies, different toys impact children’s behavior in different ways.  Some toys have a powerful influence on children’s thinking, interaction with peers, and creative expression. Other toys do not. Some of the toys that look most interesting to adults are not particularly effective in promoting development. 

This suggests that parents can make decisions about toys as thoughtfully as they do when making decisions about any other area of the curriculum. Once toys are selected, parents can carefully observe their impact on children’s play. 

Researchers have found some surprising gender differences in their study over kids and toys. There are many toys that were used the most complex ways by boys and girls. Let’s roll out our talks this way.

Digging The Impact Of Different Toys That Affect Gender Roles: 

  • Pink Themed Toys:
You do not have to think even once what gender is being targeted, when passing through the pinky room or pink shelves or chock full of pink toys again in pink packaging.  Pink-- the color in itself is overwhelmingly associated with submissive or care taking behavior. It is natural the baby girls who are inclined more towards pink toy kitchens, pink- princess themed dress up clothes, or next to pink wall decors are more likely to take good care of babies and cook and worry about their hair, makeup and how their clothes look. 

  • Action Figures: Well, have you ever seen an action figure holding a baby or pushing a vacuum?  The name itself suggests action figures are always shaped and designed to be in motion. Action figures teach boys to be tough and to fight and protect others, saving people from getting harmed. 

  • Toy Cars and Trucks:
Interest for cars and trucks are often more seen in Boys than Girls. While you may see your girl pretending to be a race car driver, but boys are always the main targets for cars or a dump truck. These cars or trucks are likely gender neutrals, comes in variety of sizes and mostly marketed for boys. 

  • Barbies, Dolls and Soft toys: You might have seen little girls pushing the strollers with a baby doll resting in it. They behave like mommies, while there is nothing wrong in it as this nurtures her caring nature. It teaches a traditional gender role to your baby girl while reinforcing old cultured norms.  

Getting back, this was the significance of toys that lays a huge impact on your kid’s growth. Most of the toys speak something while few are gender neutral. So while you head over to browse online toys for kids in Kolkata do consider which toy will be a good toy for your young child. You can even go for toys on rent available on online toy library… Happy Shopping!


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