India’s New Cult of Renting Toys from Toy Library: Does It Works?

The new fashion and seemingly interesting, worthy concept of Toy libraries that first originated in the United States, then in Europe but then got more outrageous and commonly seen in India and elsewhere today, has a beautiful concept behind it.
Toy libraries in India and other places offer multiple benefits for children, their parents, their community, and society in general by letting them borrow toys as similar to public book libraries.

These libraries provide children with developmental tools for play that are hygienic, clean and safe for playing. Even more these toys have become a significant financial and social resource for parents and other adults who were escaping from the pocket-cutting pain of toy shopping which was hugely touching the sky-high prices. 

The Brighter Side of Borrowing Toys from Toy library in India:

  • Online visits to the toy libraries are far less stressful. With little financial outlay at stake, parents give their children significantly more latitude in borrowing toys.
  • Through this innovative concept children are encouraged to try toys that challenge their strength, effortlessly compel them to explore their underdeveloped skills or develop the new ones that are still treacherous.
  • Parents in the study even believe that borrowing or renting toys helps their children develop a different relationship to goods. Children learn that they can be just as creative in playing with communal, used toys as toys they own — just as one mother put it, “toys can be just whatever a child is prepared to make of them”.
  • These libraries also play a major role in supplying opportunities and fostering social and civic engagement through volunteer works. For example the libraries directly lace the social fabric of local communities through ongoing social interactions, cross cultural exchanges and connections thereby helping in forming informal networks with other users.
  • These libraries designed for children also educate them on the nature of citizenship. Since borrowing, sharing teaches children to share collective goods, wait for their turn, perhaps being patient and considerate of the next user and lastly showing their good side by being a good steward by taking care of their toys. Since parents will ask them “to take special care of this toy, as another family might need this”. This develops the caring attitude from the beginning.

Guide To Order From Toy Rental Library: 

  • Choose a Toy Rental library.
  • Register with the Company Online by Choosing a Rental Plan.
  • Get a Login and Browse the Website for Toys.
  • Choose Toys and Order.
  • Get the Toys Delivered at Home or Pick it from the Toy Rental Provider
Isn’t that the amazing concept? Take the benefits of toy libraries in India and minimize the high cost of toys.  Happy toy shopping!


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