A Fleeting Look at the Effective and Fast-Track Approach on How to Start a Toy Library

Every parent understands that the kids’ toys are very pricey nowadays and kids outgrow them rapidly.

 This could drive parents absolutely nuts dropping a big chunk of cash on 2016’s hottest toys and then just watching it being neglected and kept in a corner of your child’s room for a really long time. And worst part of it is that all those discarded toys do not get vanish when your child loses interest they get amassed on the shelves, on and under the bed and in nearly all corners of your kid’s room, until you can barely open the door without eliciting an avalanche.

Providentially, there’s a single solution to both problems: Start a Toy Library! A toy library can offer a huge selection of premium quality and branded toys, games and books on a nominal rent for kids. They also deliver parents with the opportunity to try before they actually buy the toy, which ensures that they do not require wasting money on toys their kids might not enjoy playing with or obtain any value from.

Renting toys can either be done casually amongst your friends and family or through establishing a full-time space with thousands of toys for kids at-large to take on rent. How your toy library actually looks like totally depends on your requirements, resources and area. Irrespective of the size of your toy library, there are numerous proven approaches to make it convenient for you to start a toy library and run it effectively. Let’s explore them.

Unveiling an Effective & Fast-Track Approach on How to Start a Toy Library:

  • Get in Touch with Engrossed Family Members & Friends: 

Anybody can start a toy library once they realise that they require establishing it at your desired area and 
the first logical step towards it would be to meet a group of like-minded parents to nurture your unique 
concept. Never fret if your group is small as few toy libraries run with just about 6 members. 

  • Garner Some Outgrown Toys from Every Family:  

This will help you in establishing a strong foundation for your toy library.

  • Ask All Members to Pay a Nominal Membership Subscription: 

This will provide you a small amount to commence buying new toys.

  • Choose Right Toys: 

Make sure that all the toys are easily washable, safe and enjoyable for kids to play with. 

  •  Search for Right Toy Suppliers: 

     Stay aware about the toy sales in different stores. Try looking for and choose local toy suppliers if possible as you can get direct customer service for warranty and if there is a defect in the product then, you can easily get it replaced. You can also try buying toys right away from the toy manufacturers, suppliers and wholesale outlets. Few toy stores will provide toy libraries a discount on purchases and publish their own toy catalogues both in hard copy and online.

  • Prepare a Database Who Have Taken a Toy on Rent From You: 

    Prepare a comprehensive database about who have already taken toys for their kids on rent and ascertain a date for return.

  • Ask Your Toy Library Members To Approach Their Network: 

      One of the handy approaches to spread out your membership is to capitalise on the present networks of your members.

  • Begin With Marketing: 

You do not require following an expensive marketing strategy. Create some creative and unique posters either manually or on PC and then displaying them in pre-schools, your church, local community centres and much more at no charge.
  • It’s Time to Get Started: 

From here, appropriate premises would require being found, initial funding sought and some toys bought. This will be a suitable time to hunt for assistance from your local council, business houses and service clubs.

By now you might have understood the right approach on how to start a toy library and the fact that it offers a network of support for hundreds of families. Khilonewala is India’s No. 1 toy library rents toys, CD’s, games, books, VCD’s and outdoor games to children of the age group between 1 to 12 years to change the approach kids grow and learn while they play, click here for additional info.


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